Sunday, November 11, 2007

Welcome to my Book Blog!

Here I am creating my second blog! My original blog was created with randomness in mind and it will remain that way. This one is more specific. I intend to use this blog as a book review, reading log, and personal catalog of reading thoughts.

I am a literature major at Cal State University, returning to college mid-life to finally get that BA that I've always dreamed about. Since I am a college student, much of my reading is assigned reading and not fun beach novels. But I've really been enjoying the deeper more meaningful texts. I do squeeze in some fun reading from time to time too.

Thanks to my return to college, I'm being exposed to a lot of different genres of reading. So my book reviews are all over the place including epics, classics, westerns, post-colonial, post-modern, English, American, and much more. Mostly fiction though. I will throw in some parenting books too and some children's literature on the side.

It might take me a while to build my book blog, but I'll get my readings blogged as I go back and record what I've read in addition to what I'm reading. Keep checking for more book reviews!

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